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Office of Information, Complaints and Suggestions

We facilitate and promote information transparency and public participation are central themes in the management of the Ministry of Environment, looking for the best mechanisms and procedures to assist friendly, timely and quality manner.

Attentions Management System

The form below will allow you to submit questions, complaints, suggestions and requests for public information.

Request Access to Public Information about MMA

The Request for Access to Public Information (SAIP) is covered by Law Nº. 20.285, of Probity and Transparency, and is required to request information and / or specific documentation that is in the possession of the MMA.

If you wish to request a hearing within the framework of Law 20,730, which regulates lobbying and the management of private interests before the authorities and public officials, enter here: Law of the Lobby

Procedures and Services

Here is a list of procedures and services by the various units responsible for the environment.

  • Ministry of Enviroment
  • Environmental Assessment Service
  • Environmental Superintendency

Ministry of Environment

Environmental Protection Fund (FPA)

Finances projects designed to protect or restore the environment, sustainable development, preservation of nature and conservation of environmental heritage. For more information visit